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Oh, The Places I’ve Been


(by Christina & Jack Dunham)


Oh, the places I’ve been
Oh, the things that I’ve seen
If I told you, you’d never believe me
But at least let me try
Or perhaps tell you why
I keep going to Black Rock City

Two Gentlemen So Debonnaire | TheSociaholic

I met an old lady with flair
A maiden with purple blue hair
A pink girl on stilts
Young men in white kilts
Two gentlemen so debonnaire

Men with Flashing Suits | The Sociaholic

I also met devilish horns
Albinos and white unicorns
A man who’s suit flashes
Girls with two-inch lashes
Anubis with towering thorns

Anubis with Towering Thorns | TheSociaholic

And on this same trip I did meet
Some characters most indiscrete
A half-man, half-goat
An 8-inch deep throat
And a gypsy with jingling feet

Silver Green Firefly Art Car | TheSociaholic

On one day we road as a pack
On a silver green firefly’s back

Orange Pink Maze | TheSociaholic

We biked through a maze
Of Orange Pink haze

And ran on a hamster wheel track

Hamster Wheel Track | TheSociaholic

And on the deep playa we tried
A bicycle slingshot we spied

Bike Slingshot | TheSociaholic

The bike in its socket
Took off like a rocket
And thankfully, nobody died

Sunken Ship docked at the pier | TheSociaholic

A sunken ship docked at the pier
From there, pounding waves you could hear

Land Boats Glided Through - Burning Man 2012 | TheSociaholic

Land boats glided through
A pirate ship, too
That was manned by a strange buccaneer

Hand-crafted Vietnamese Iced Coffee | TheSociaholic

We indulged in some sugary eats
Like hand-crafted coffee and sweets

Watermelon Shaved Ice at Burning Man 2012 | TheSociaholic

Watermel’n shaved ice
And gluten-free, nice!
Soft porn and hot donuts were treats

Road on for miles upon miles | TheSociaholic

We road on for miles upon miles
To gaze upon beautiful smiles

Playa Art Car | TheSociaholic
Blew kisses and cheered
At all that was weird
As we ambled along silly aisles

The Man | The Sociaholic

And toward the big man we did walk
Where thousands of others had flocked
To see the man burnin’
Was what we were yearnin’
We should have invested in clocks

The Man Burns | The Sociaholic

The night sky was lit up with fire
As effigy burning transpired
Big ego was burned
And then Wall Street’s turn
As lovers were kindling desire

Big Ego | TheSociaholic

We witnessed brave warriors in flight
As they fought under ThunderDomes light
They leapt from the ground and
Their heads took a poundin’
I sure hope those guys are alright

Thunder Dome  Fight Night | TheSociaholic

In the midst of a freezing cold white out
With our very survival in slight doubt
We were saved by a craft
And sat in the aft
And so to TravNasti, a Shout Out

TravNasti of Danstronauts | TheSociaholic

From OT, Osiris, Disorient
To Distrikt and Robot Heart we went
We danced til we dropped
We rocked it non-stop
Until the sun rose in the orient

Opulent Temple | TheSociaholic

And so to our burn family
Rod, Shaun, Mark, Tim, Pang, Tom, Michi
To the veterans and freshman
Like Shauna and Stefan
Hope this trip has fulfilled fantasies

DeMentha Family | TheSociaholic

Of course to our friends at DeMentha
From Germany, France, Barcelona
To the SF Bay crew
To old friends and new
We had such a blast burnin’ with ya!

Burn Family | TheSociaholic

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